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You are making right choice of retiring in Naples, now let Vito help you find your peace of the paradise.

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 What Naples is like for active adults?

Naples represents the gold coast of southwest Florida. People who say they don’t like Florida might not have seen this upscale retirement community. Its downtown is as sophisticated as any in the world, but charming too – you can pull up to a 5 star hotel’s valet parking, and then walk 50 feet to an old-fashioned bar where you can listen to Irish singers. High end shops vie for your credit card.  Surrounding the walk-able downtown are beautiful residential streets, conveniently situated next to the world renowned Naples white coral beach that goes for miles, with condominiums and homes lining much of it. The median age in Naples is 45-64; median HH income is $60K-$80K and avg January temp. 61F; it is definitely a popular retirement spot.

The downtown neighborhoods are lovely and feature both private homes and small condominium associations. Many other active adults 55+ choose to live in the many expensive gated developments along various waterways. Naples has every type of active adult community imaginable. Golf courses are just about everywhere.

Where to Live in Naples& Real Estate Values

There are many active adult communities in Naples (see link at top right).

Naples is a dynamic, fast-growing city, with flourishing real estate market. The days of Naples being a city with “most overvalued housing market” in the U.S. are clearly over, as City-Data reported the average price at about $215,000 in late 2012. Those prices, less than half what they were in the 2007 peak, are undoubtedly affected by short sales and foreclosures. Many homes near the beach and in waterfront developments will sell for much more than Naples average real estate price.  Please contact Vito Bauer-Principal Realtor at 239-777-7080 for up to date real estate information.

What is special about retirement in Naples?

• Naples gorgeous white beaches and adjacent neighborhoods • Charming and upscale downtown area • An upscale development for everybody • Active cultural life • An affluent and prosperous town • Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a huge preserve • Naples claims it has more golf holes per capita than any other town in the country • Naples great climate and beautiful sunny weather • Naples active lifestyle including boating, fishing, beach going, nature walks • Famous Naples shopping.

What kinds of people like retiring here?

Naples is a growing and it is a vital community. The majority of the population seems to be in retirement, with several luxury communities being extremely affluent.  But there is room for everyone in Naples.  Whatever is your budget; Vito Bauer-Principal Realtor with Bauer International Group will work with you and help you find your piece of paradise. Call 239-777-7080 for your private confidential consultation.

Local economy is driven by:

Tourism, Finance, Retail, Healthcare & Real Estate

Climate and Physical Environment

Naples is located in most southern west coast of Florida, with many bays and waterways. It has some of the best beaches in the world. The terrain is flat and tropical. It has warm winters and hot summers.  The humidity is very manageable and not like at other Florida cities, since the nice gentle breeze from the Gulf of Mexico is present at all time.  Naples with its most southern location rarely is affected by the hurricanes what makes it a very safe and preferred destination in Florida.

Naples Average Rainfall

The rain in the Naples area falls off dramatically in October. The first or second cold front (cold is a relative term here) of the season pushes the moisture away from the area. The winter month’s average 2 or 3 inches of rain a month, but that can happen in just one or two storms.

Other Weather Information

Red Tide. A Red Tide is a naturally occurring phenomenon along the gulf coast in Florida and results from the bloom of microscopic plant like cells called phytoplankton. These phytoplankton produce neurotoxins that can kill fish and cause respiratory and eye irritation along the shore. Periodic blooms can occasionally move close to beaches, but these are localized incidents and don’t last long. For up to date information, call the Collier County Red Tide hotline at:  239.732.2591 .

Naples Florida and the Hurricanes

Florida Hurricane History

While the risk of hurricanes is real, a serious hurricane, category 3 or greater, hitting the State of Florida has averaged less than one in every four years. Significant winds can reach 50 miles from the eye of the storm, so with over 1.000 miles of coastline, the chance of a hurricane in any given year, having an impact on any particular coastal city is quite remote.

The official hurricane season in the Atlantic basin runs from June 1 to November 30. But historically the main season for hurricanes would be in the August/Sept time frame.

Naples Florida does not have a lot of experience with hurricanes. Most of it would be with the rain storms that a hurricane can generate hundreds of miles from the center or with high winds from those passing nearby in the gulf. In 2005 hurricane Wilma hit the Naples area, the first in over 45 years.

The International Hurricane Research Center ranks the Naples area low on its hurricane vulnerability list. Reasons include superior home and building constructions, and lack of hurricane frequency. In 2005 hurricane Wilma hit the Naples area, the first in over 45 years.

Hurricane Evacuations

For Naples, a hurricane evacuation would only apply to a small group of residents. A major hurricanes has the potential to cause a storm surge. Which means if you live below sea level, or slightly above, you need to get out of the way. A major hurricane also has strong winds, which means if you live in an older trailer home or old unstable wood frame homes, then you should leave. For the other 95% of Naples residents this basically means you stay where you are if a major hurricane was to hit.

If a hurricane was to hit, there would be a good chance that certain areas would be without power for hours or days. Most of Naples residents live within areas that have buried power lines. So it is just a matter of repairing the main lines for them. In older neighborhoods with telephone poles, repair crews might have to go house to house to repair. That is why officials recommend a 5 day supply of food and water.

Hurricane Forecasts

Pre-season hurricane forecast by experts are usually less than accurate. In 2006 they were projecting 4 to 6 major hurricanes. There were no major hurricanes in 2006, and the forecasters then said it was because of the El Nino. It seems the experts did not know that El Nino could impact hurricane creation.

In 2007 the hurricane experts at Colorado State University predicted 5 major hurricanes. Turns out there were none. Maybe they are better at predicting snow.

Restaurants & Cultural Scene

Naples has some of the best restaurants in Florida, and is famous for its selection and quality.  Service is renowned and spectacular.  In the summer month you will find many upscale restaurants offering a full dinner for two with a bottle of wine for $35.

Naples has been listed as one of the top small art towns in America. The Naples Players, the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, The Philharmonic Center of Naples, and the Sugden Theater are just some of the cultural attractions in Naples. If that isn’t enough it is less than an hour away from more theatres in Ft. Myers to the north and less than two hours away from Miami to the east. There are various community and dinner theatres. The libraries are first rate and artists thrive in the many art galleries.


Crime in Naples is low and well below the national average.

State of the art medical facilities in Naples

People know the NCH Healthcare System is the place you can be sure of getting all the care you need.  The NCH Healthcare System offers advanced heart, cancer, obstetric, newborn, and pediatric care.The NCH Healthcare System is one of the most progressive in the country.  More than just a couple of hospitals, the NCH Healthcare System is an alliance of more than 500 independent physicians and medical facilities in dozens of locations throughout Collier County and southwest Florida. In August 2012 Mayo Clinic and NCH Healthcare System officials announced NCH Healthcare System as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. NCH, based in Naples, is the first member of the network in Florida and the Southeast region of the United States.

Former Cleveland Clinic in Naples is called Physicians Regional Hospital with several locations in Naples.Offering advanced medical care in more than 45 specialties and subspecialties, including comprehensive programs in: 24-hour emergency care; cardiology; vascular disease; ear, nose and throat; digestive diseases; research; orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery; and women’s services.

Sometimes it seems like every other building in Naples houses a medical practice or facility – there is no shortage of medical care here!


The city is served by the Naples Municipal Airport and the Delta Connection, which flies to Atlanta. Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) is centrally located between South Fort Myersand Naples.  This new state of the art airport is just a short 25min trip from Naples up the Interstate 75. Most of the low-cost carriers are there, offering convenient service to all destinations in continental US and many nonstop connections to major European and Canadian cities. Car traffic in winter season can be high like in rest of Florida, but out of season it’s very pleasant and quiet.

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