Up the River Sailboat Access – Cape Coral

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Up the River Sailboat Access – Cape Coral

The Orchid Community.  Above the Yacht Club the river takes a turn to the North.  The next northernmost neighborhood is the Orchid Blvd area.  This is a small neighborhood, with very wide canals which makes property here quite valuable! Due to its small size, there’s a limited # of homes for sale here (a fair % is condos just off Del Prado, but as you go further East to the river it is predominantly single family homes). This area is all sailboat access and is a very short drive over to Fort Myers too.

Next to the north is Beach Pkwy.  This is a very well kept area of condos (very few single family homes here). At the end of the street is a great riverfront park: Jaycee Park. Again, this location is sailboat access and a short drive over to Fort Myers.  A good choice for those wanting condos with boat slips with wide water views. Many of the canals are over 200 feet wide so the water views are quite impressive!  Note that a fair percentage of condos here are 55+ age restricted.

Slightly further North is the Savona area. This is an area of sailboat access homes, ranging in age from the 1960’s to new construction. Most are well maintained in this area. The closer to the river, the nicer are the homes. There are a good number of oversized canals in this area, with the 200’ wide ones on the edges of this section being highly desirable and priced accordingly. Prices start at about $300k for old homes, $500k for newer properties. 

North of Savona are the neighborhoods of Palaco Grande, Corwallis, and Everest Pkwy. The characteristics of each of these neighborhoods are overall similar to that of Savona Pkwy.  Each is getting progressively further North, so note that they are getting a little further distance to the open Gulf, but realizing that not everybody’s exactly deep sea fishing(!),  buyers may wish to consider this area as it offers a nice balance between lower pricing and convenience- both by car and on the water. Though the neighborhoods are typically a bit older (ex: many homes from the 70s and 80s) they tend to show well. Also, nearly all offer very quick access to the open waters of the river (immediately to the East). Note: At the end of Everest is a public boat launch area, and there’s a marina further to the West too.  All homes in these communities are quite convenient to shopping, a number of restaurants and offer quick access to Ft Myers via either of the two bridges cutting across the river.

The furthest spot up the river with unrestricted Sailboat access is the Chantrey canal area.  This location has the lowest priced unrestricted gulf access homes available in Cape Coral. Here you can get the most house for the dollar, as long as you are willing to accept the longer runs.  But not all boating is necessarily in the gulf anyway. There’s plenty of fishing and relaxing boating to be found in the river itself. If that’s a possibility, take a look at this area. Homes under 10 years old can be found here for about $350k and older homes in the $275k’s.

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Cell: (239) 777-7080
Email: Vito.Bauer@BauerInternationalGroup.com