Unit #67 Premium Sail Boat Access – Cape Coral

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Unit #67 Premium Sailboat Access – Cape Coral 

This is Southwest Cape Coral’s most premium, unrestricted sailboat access boating location, Unit # 67. Please note that sections of Cape Coral don’t always have names associated with them, instead some areas go by simply their ‘unit’ numbers, in this case Unit 67.  Some really nice properties immediately to the west of this section in Cape Harbour fall behind a boat lock and therefore aren’t unrestricted access, though they can accommodate sailboats.

The sailboat access portion of Unit 67 is quite simply the best of the best, but prices will show that owners are aware of it! If you were looking at a larger map of the area you’d see this SW location has Cape Coral’s shortest boating run to the open Gulf waters.  Combine that with unrestricted sailboat access, wider and very deep canals and you’ve got a premium combination.  Hint: rather than trying to remember the unit number to this location, simply refer to it as the Sailboat access property around “Cape Harbour” and “Tarpon Point Marina.” The canal splits these two sections.  Those on the western side are directly across the street from one of the two nicest developments in Cape Coral, called Cape Harbour. It offers restaurants, a marina with wet & dry slips, live music, boat rentals, a few shops, and more.

Canal depths in Cape Coral’s Unit 67 are quite decent- Buyers will find this to be sufficient for most any boating needs and there are 40’+ boats, sailboats, routinely found in these areas. You can contact Vito directly at 239-777-7080 with specific canal depths questions.

For those who aren’t familiar with the area and are planning a visit, I recommend that you check this area out, even if not for the real estate searching aspects!  Perhaps for dinner, drinks, or maybe to rent a boat and to see the city from the canal vantage point too.  View bird’s eye views of Cape Coral Unit 67 at this link. 

And as far as the portion of Unit 67 on the East side of the dividing canal,  This area is equally impressive and valuable, it’s just that there’s only a handful of existing single family homes on this side of the canal. Most of the options here will be in Tarpon Point Marina’s development, including it’s very desirable high-rise towers with commanding views.  The whole Tarpon Point Marina area is another highly recommended area for visitors to the area to check out for reasons other than the actual real estate search.  There’s a nice waterfront restaurant on site (Marker 92), a pavilion/bar overlooking the marina (Nauti Mermaid), and a recently built Westin hotel that would be my first recommendation as for a place to stay while visiting Cape Coral

Both this and Cape Harbour’s marinas are the quickest to the Gulf, should you opt to keep a boat in a marina instead of directly behind a home.  Which brings me to another point: a very desirable characteristic to Cape Coral is that in almost every single case, the boat is in fact directly behind your residence. With so many canals, that can be accomplished cheaper in Cape Coral than most any other location in Florida.  Communities like Tarpon Point are more the exception than the norm here. In this case if one were in the high-rise towers, the boat would be kept in a marina and you’d pay the HOA fees for the condo plus the slip rental fee.  The same is true in Cape Harbour. So if the idea of a marina instead of right behind the residence is not right for you, don’t worry- in almost all other condos (and single family homes) throughout Cape Coral, the boat is literally right in your backyard. It’s just that given the shortest boating run and desirability, this area goes with marinas and is built at a higher density than the rest of the very suburban-like town. 

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Cell: (239) 777-7080
Email: Vito.Bauer@BauerInternationalGroup.com