The Yacht Club / Sail Boat Access – Cape Coral

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The Yacht Club / Sail Boat Access – Cape Coral          

Next up is the best known section of Cape Coral, the Yacht Club. Located in the SE corner of the city this was the very first section of the city to be built, with groundbreaking beginning on November 7th, 1957. Here you will find the Yacht Club community park which includes a small 634 feet riverfront beach, a fishing pier with snack bar, barbecue grills, a city pool, 5 tennis courts, 2 racquetball courts, a boat ramp, and of course, a marina / yacht basin.

Though this area is referred to as the ‘Yacht Club’ the name is a bit misleading.  Though there are various club type organizations here (ex: tennis & racquet clubs) the name really is just referring to the Southeastern most edge of the city. Properties falling into the area we refer to as the Yacht Club are easily identifiable by their street names.  You do not have to be a member of a club or even a resident of the Yacht Club section of town to make use of these city facilities.  Some features (ex: the pool) charge nominal usage fees.

In addition to all these amenities, all waterfront homes in the Yacht Club are a very short run to the river.  And on top of that, many of these properties are direct sailboat access too. All this adds up to some of the more sought after land in the city.  It should come as no surprise that the combination of older homes plus valuable land has meant an increasing number of homes have been leveled to make way for modern new residences.  Some of the new homes in this area are significant, especially on the riverfront sites.  If you want to invest in waterfront property for future appreciation, this area is a prime target.  However, if you are very particular about the neighborhood all being very ‘conforming’ of similar style, age, and upkeep it truthfully may not be the best choice. Because it is an old area, a number of old homes still exist today.  Some have seen very nice updates; some have not and are very much vintage 1960’s homes. It makes for quite a variation from one street to another. But if you place more importance on low prices (ex: mid $200s) and short boating runs than age of homes, this is a good target area.

Vacant lots are, at the time of writing this, occasionally found around $200k, on up.  Old foreclosure homes (1960’s) can also be found a bit over $200k+ (yes, sometimes even cheaper than vacant land). New homes will start $500k on up. The closer you get to the river itself, the pricier they get, in general.  Canal width also directly affects prices. There are 80 foot wide canals between most streets, but take note of the 200’ canals just off of the southernmost riverfront streets. Those huge canals can accommodate very large yachts and you’ll probably see a few parked here.

Depths on canals is another item largely effecting usage and value.  While the Yacht Club has excellent depth at the Southernmost points for any large vessel that is appropriate for this area, some canals are a bit limited for larger, fixed keel sailboats. Do note when going through these guides the term ‘sailboat access’ refers largely to no bridge obstructions- it does not necessarily mean depth is significant.  That said, Yacht Club canal depths are sufficient for most any powerboats that draft a couple feet.  If you are trying to accommodate a vessel in excess of 28 feet, I recommend you check with Vito at 239-777-7080 for better assistance.

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