Matlacha Pass Sailboat Access – Cape Coral

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Matlacha Pass  Sailboat Access – Cape Coral

The Northwest corner of Cape Coral. This area is totally different in almost all respects and requires detailed explanation. Only a portion of this area is unrestricted access, much of the area is behind bridges.  Of the properties that are direct access, the shortest run locations fall into an area called Matlacha Isles. It’s certainly a much older neighborhood and is more lax on restrictions (and conformity of homes), but offers excellent quick boating access.  There are also a handful of properties on the Southside of Ceitus Pkwy that offer new, direct access homes but they come with larger price tags.

One big difference is that heading out of Matlacha Pass takes you up to Charlotte Harbor.  Heading West through Charlotte Harbor provides your gulf access.  You also have the option of heading South when exiting Matlacha Pass and entering into the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River.

The barrier island chain that separates the edge of Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf includes Caya Costa and Boca Grande. Caya Costa Island is a wonderful state park with a large uninhabited & preserved portion.  There are only a couple rustic cabins on that section of the 8 mile long island, and they are for rent if you are interested.  The Southern tip of Boca Grande is known worldwide to fisherman: it is claimed to be the best spot in the world for Tarpon fishing and is home to a million dollar fishing tournament. The water is over 50 feet deep here.  That’s twice as deep as most anything else in the region.

Back to the land: with the exception of Matlacha Isles, all construction in this area is nearly brand new.  At this time this section of town seems overall somewhat remote and largely undeveloped.  If you drove by this area and didn’t know of its great water access you’d certainly be asking yourself why are $500,000+ properties being built out here?  There’s a very valid explanation: much more commerce will be coming in the future along the Pine Island Road corridor and you can expect to see this area grow considerably. Rather minimal traffic means you make it to ‘town’ quickly from here though.

And now with the more recent removal of a previously existing lock/lift that had limited the access to a large portion of Northwest Cape Coral, a large new section of the city now enjoys direct access.  This area all passes out down what is known as the North Spreader Waterway -the westernmost edge of city development. You exit to the South through the same Matlacha Pass exit mentioned above. Because the NW section of the city stretches for quite a few miles to the North, this means those at the Southern end are rather quick access out and cost more, while some towards the Northern ends are getting to be quite a long boat ride out, as there are no other punch-out spots, despite being so close to the open Charlotte Harbor waters. They should of course carry lower price tags to compensate for that fact though. The further you head North in this section, the more remote it gets. Most of the Northern half should be expected to have very little development so far, and is mainly raw land/building parcels. Very little commerce too, so for some select buyers who like those qualities, it can be a very good, lower priced choice. Those who want the suburbs, shops, restaurants and ‘town’ qualities should stick to the very southernmost portions of this section or just limit their search to the SW and SE Cape instead.