Cost of living in Florida

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Overall, the cost of living in Florida is lower than many locations in the US. Some things cost more, some cost less.

Here are a few specifics.

1. Real estate prices
Since the real estate crash inNaples, Florida properties have become surprisingly affordable. In many areas, you can find 3bedroom, 2 bath homes with a pool for under $250,000. You can find older homes without pools for under $200,000.
But prices are starting to move back up. And when the excess inventory is sold, expect prices to quickly jump in desirable neighborhoods and close to the water.
2. Property taxes
Not bad, especially when compared against most other states. And Florida has a homestead exemption that helps reduce the tax on your principal residence.
3. Rental rates
Renting a home or condo is among the best values in Florida right now. Many baby boomers have purchased homes in anticipation of retirement, but until that day arrives, the properties have been placed on the rental market.With so many homes available, rents are very competitive. Operating under the theory that some income is better than none, home owners often charge less for rent than their monthly mortgage payments. This creates an excellent opportunity for new residents to test drive an area before jumping into home ownership.
4. Insurance rates
Not bad overall, but the hurricane season of 2004 is causing virtually all homeowners insurance companies to raise their rates and decline to renew many policies, especially those covering mobile homes.Auto insurance is still a bargain.
5. Food and drug taxes
No tax on either food or drugs, with the exception of prepared foods. Buy a chicken at the market, no tax. Buy a fully cooked, grilled chicken at the market, and pay an extra 7% or so tax.
6. Medical care
The costs of medical care are about average, but during the snowbird season, there might be a wait to get to see a doctor. With such an overwhelmingly senior population, doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals routinely have more patients than they can handle.So get all your checkups before you move. And once you arrive, start shopping for new medical services as soon as possible. It can sometimes take months to get a new patient appointment. Many established doctors don’t even accept new patients, but will frequently refer you to a junior partner or associate.

Armed with a little knowledge about prevailing local conditions, your move to Florida can be relatively stress free.

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