What Florida Real Estate has to offer to High-Net-Worth individuals?

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What Florida Real Estate has to offer to High-Net-Worth individuals?

Florida has always been one of the most desirable places to live in, in the United States. Orlando, Miami and “our hidden gem”- Naples being the cities of prominence, they continue to top the list as far as High-Net-Worth individuals are concerned when it comes to investing in real estate in Florida. Florida has been a hot attraction for the lovely weather that it experiences and the location it enjoys. International High-Net-Worth who are looking at buying property in the United States are focusing mainly on Florida because of its sub-tropical climate.

Florida’s quality of life is one of its biggest attractions that draws people into settling down here, whether a company or an individual. Florida can boast of 161 parks, spanning over an area of seven hundred thousand acres and one hundred miles of beaches. Florida has been given the name “Sunshine State” because of the excellent climate it enjoys throughout the year being surrounded by the sea. Temperatures range between 16 degrees centigrade and 27 degrees centigrade.

Florida is the ‘seat of education’ being committed to the best educational system in the country. It has stressed on small sized classes and regular testing systems which have kept up the high performance of students and schools alike. The colleges and universities and technical institutions are world renowned. Florida is known to have the best ‘K-12’ educational system too. Post-secondary educational institutions are accessible within fifty miles of residential areas. Besides this, the state is further emphasizing on improvements in the schools and introducing comprehensive plans to boost the funds, and improve the standards of the K-12 schools. This has been an added attraction to real estate investing in Florida for high net worth individuals.

Somehow Florida has been able to manage its cost of living at a low as compared to the other states in the United States. Home ownership rates are well above the national average, while housing prices are far lower than that of other states. State and local governments in Florida are endeavoring to keep housing market rates affordable by all workers. This can be observed with the salary scales of those people working in Florida as against their counterparts in other states.

Florida is rich in its history, art and culture. This is another attraction for the high net worth individuals who enjoy being seen is such places. Florida is also the attraction for high profile exhibitions on art and painting, the Broadway shows, professional musicians, orchestras and dance troupes and other world class entertainment. The well-known Disney World is one of the foremost attractions of Florida being located in Orlando. The Miami beaches are the world’s most thronged beaches, with the azure blue waters and golden sands.

Florida has over a thousand golf courses to boast of, in addition to the beaches and shopping centers that attract thousands of visitors all-round the year. There are lakes, parks and recreation centers to visit. All this puts Florida on the tourist map and the center of real estate investing for the high net worth individual.

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