Buyers from Northern US

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Buyers from Northern US:

Many Northerners purchase in South West Florida either second homes or a future retirement properties.  Helping guide you through the intricacies of purchase Florida is a daily routine for Vito so don’t be afraid to call 239-777-7080, even with what you might describe as basic questions.  I can advise on which locations will see the most future appreciation, which would have highest vacation rental appeal, how the tax system works, pros and cons of short sales and much more.

If you intend to rent the property out we can formulate a strategy that works for your situation– taking into account mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and management fees. Please review property taxes and insurance costs on this website to better understand Southwest Florida real estate.  And if it’s waterfront properties you are after, be sure to call 239-777-7080.

You can get a free Listingbook account, to stay fully aware of the best deals & have advanced search tools.

The biggest obstacle when buying in Florida from up North is that you don’t want to purchase the property sight-unseen. However, we can write contracts contingent upon your personal inspection of the property, giving you ample time to come down (and not wasting your time on a trip if the seller isn’t agreeable to your offer).  Also, I can preview the property for you, report on the specifics, and send you unbiased photos that I take on my visit.  If I see something wrong you have my word that I’ll tell you very honestly and bluntly about it!  I realize that you need someone very honest and dependable to rely on when purchasing from some distance, and I’ll certainly make good on this promise.

If it’s a waterfront property you are after, you can find an entire section under Naples Waterfront Communities, Naples Beach Communities and Cape Coral Sailboat Communities devoted strictly to waterfront properties on website.

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Cell: (239) 777-7080